Whats next for the Spitting Pig?

With the busy summer months coming to an end there is a lot of change going on at the Spitting Pig. We are forever expanding and trying to take the business to new heights and after another successful summer of sales at the Spitting Pig we are turning over record amounts with our current line of machines. So the question is what is next for the Spitting Pig machines department.

Firstly, we have the new Platinum Excel that is currently in being made in the factory. If you have read one of our previous blogs, you will be aware of what the Platinum Excel is and its features. If you haven’t here is a quick description. The Platinum Excel will be a smaller version of our, already successful machine, the Platinum. The platinum excel comes with a dual cooking system that allows users to cook meats on the top level of the system, whether this be pork, lamb chicken turkey etc… Whereas the second level of the machine can be used to cook accompaniments to the meats, such as vegetables and jacket potatoes. This machine will be available from late 2012.
Another huge step forward for the Spitting Pig machines department is that one of our machines will be listed on the Nisbets Catering website. Nisbets is one of the leading suppliers in the U.K for catering equipment. With one of our machines being listed on the Nisbets catering site, we expect to see a huge increase in sale next year for machines. We managed to get the listing on the Nisbets site by catering at a Nisbets event, once they tasted out delicious hog roast and BBQ, they could not help but offer to list us on their catering website! Be sure to keep an eye out for us if you are ever on the Nisbets site.

With new machine ideas been thought up every week, we are forever trying to bring a new dynamic to the hog roasting industry, It is for this reason that we are second to none with regards to hog roasting and the quality of our machines.

So now that you have heard about some of the great things we have coming up next summer, you can be sure that we are forever expanding a growing business. So if you are interested in buying or hiring a machine, the Spitting Pig is the place to come.