Machines Made To Perfection

Here at The Spitting Pig Company we are seeing more and more people hiring our machines as they are a great idea if you are thinking of having any type of party or house warming or if you own a local pub and fancy treating your locals to a hog roast, or a BBQ. Perfect for any occasion including big football matches or Olympic events.

With very low prices it is an absolute bargain, the price depends on what you want (hog roast , spit roast , chicken spit , BBQ, ect) and the location.

Here at The Spitting Pig Company we design and manufacture all our own machines and machine accessories, with over 15 years experience in the catering industry specializing in hog and spit roasts we have perfected our machines so that they are simple to use and they cook the meat to perfection.

With every machine which is hired we personally deliver the machine (with meat optional) with a propane gas bottle and everything you need to cook your desired meat, and we even pick it up when you have finished with it.

Last year myself and another college delivered a spit roast machine to a local farmer who decided to throw a Halloween party for the community in the town hall, with a medieval theme the spit roasted pig looked absolutely brilliant. With only 5 hours cooking time the pig was cooked to perfection served with fresh apple sauce, stuffing and crispy crackling. The 100 plus guests were all satisfied with the tender juicy pork t-cakes and there were still plenty left to go around .

With Halloween only round the corner along with bonfire night its a great opportunity to hire a machine and feed friends and family , you can feed up to 300 people with one pig and with our easy to use machines all you have to do is literally turn the machine on and wait for your desired meat to cook and then carve the pig or lamb.

If you don’t fancy carving up a pig or lamb why not try our BBQ , again easy to set up, just use a standard hog roast machine with our BBQ accessory placed on top and you can now cook burgers and hotdogs ect in minutes, brilliant if your feeding many children and adults.

Don’t delays, take a look on our website or give us a ring at the office to hire your machine today, guaranteed to make your party the talk of the town.