Part Exchange Your Old Hog Roaster For A Brand New One Ready For Summer 2018!

If you have been lucky enough to purchase one of our fantastic hog roast machines for either home cooking or for professional use, you will know that using the best quality equipment ultimately means enjoying a superior product. But what if your needs have changed since your purchase with us? Say, what if you bought a smaller machine from us in the past but your business needs have changed and you now need one of our commercial-grade machines? Or perhaps you bought a bigger machine from us but you’ve realised your business could do with a smaller one instead? There’s no need to worry, as we always want what’s best for our customers, which is why we offer a part-exchange service.

That’s right – if your needs have changed, we can help you with that by helping you to part-exchange your old model for a brand-new one. Whether you want to upgrade to a bigger or more capable machine or even if you’re happy with your old model and just want a newer version, The Spitting Pig will help you out with another of our high-quality units. We manufacture them ourselves, and we designed them ourselves, so we know which of our range would be more suitable for your needs now, whether that’s with a brand-new one or even with a different model that we’re selling in used condition.

All of our equipment is made at our Lancashire-based factory and service centre but the showroom there is also where we platinum excel spitted pig sauces legs and bbqstock new and used machines. We give full tour’s of our factory so if you havent visited us before you can see exactly where we manufacture our machines. We will also work out with you which is best for what you need, either professionally or domestically, just like we did when you bought your last machine from us. We make the process of part-exchange just as easy as we make the initial process, so that means ensuring you are matched with the right equipment for your requirements and making the payment process as painless as can be.

If you already have one of our fabulous machines but you’re thinking of changing it, contact us to see how we can help you do that.