Our Own Range Of Hog Roast Ulverston Equipment

While Hog Roast Ulverston is well-known for our first-rate catering both far and wide, what you may not know is that we’re also known all around the world for our own hog roast machines. We manufacture our own range by hand in our Lancashire factory (and we even designed them ourselves) and after many years of production, we now have several machines under our belt, each with its own advantages. Bought for both commercial reasons and home use, our range of equipment is non-surpassed in either quality or ease of use.

Our Titan is a beast of a machine and our Hog Roast Ulverston bestseller, with many catering businesses purchasing one or more to cook not only stunning hog roasts but so much more too. The durable and reliable Titan is a hog roasting oven, a spit roasting oven and a combination oven in one amazing package, where you can cook your meat up top (whether a huge hog, more than a dozen chickens or any other meat you prefer to roast) while cooking vegetables and potatoes inside at the same time.

Our Platinum is the ultimate hog roaster, as it’s capable of cooking not just one but two pigs, as well as four pork legs and a couple of hundred jacket potatoes – simultaneously! This machine is often used at huge parties with hundreds of guests, so it’s ideal if you’re planning a big wedding, corporate function or charity event, and it even has the option to be used as a traditional barbecue at the same time as cooking a hog or you can spit-roast meat instead of the latter.

Hog Roast Ulverston also has three Hogmaster hog roast machines available to buy – the Hogmaster, the Hogmaster Glass and the Hogmaster Pro. The Hogmaster is so easy to use and can be used with some great attachments in order to make it a multi-functional oven, while the Hogmaster Glass and the Hogmaster Pro both have their own viewing window, for a theatrical effect for your guests or customers.

Regardless of your hog roasting needs, one of our own range will be a fantastic addition to your collection, so call us today and we’ll help you to decide which is the best one for you!