There are franchises available for Hog Roast Beccles

Hog Roast Beccles is 1 of the 28 Spitting Pig Franchises across the UK. Originally Hog Roast Beccles was based in Lancashire with one team running events over the entire Island. As more work came in, the more the company needed to become franchise-run, so that the owner, Steve, could see his family. Steve has been running it for 25 years and then franchised over the past 12 years. He has recently expanded into the Republic of Ireland which is exciting! There are many areas available so why not take a look?

Owning a Hog Roast Beccles franchise is a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about food and looking for a career change. To run this type of franchise needs a driven individual with a fantastic work ethic and enthusiastic towards food and service. No previous catering experience is required as full training will be given alongside a NCASS membership.

hog roastWhen you buy into a franchise, you will be given an exclusive area that would have been previously discussed between you and Steve. You do not need to do any of the marketing or sales for your given area, this is sorted for you by the head office. The more you can help with the marketing though, the more bookings you’ll receive. Thankfully, the franchise provides a high profit margin, even from your first year, this is helped by the initial equipment given to you such as gazebos, two machines and serving tables.

An awesome quality of the franchise is the mentorship. All the franchises come together for support, guidance, and advice. Most of them are close-knit so will help with whatever struggles others are facing. After the full training from the head office, you will still receive support from them. With solid support from the franchisees and the head office employees, it makes the whole journey and experience so much easier and gives you the confidence you need.

Testimony from Alistair, Somerset – “So many franchises you pay your money then you’re left on your own, with Spitting pig this isn’t the case, you have access at all times to the head office who do an amazing job for you on marketing, sales, accounts, literally everything”

Interested? Visit the Spitting Pig Website and download the prospectus for more information. On the other hand, contact the team on 01282695343 or [email protected]