Hog Roast Haverfordwest, Ensuring Everyone Is Catered For

When it comes to providing fresh, wholesome food for all kinds of special occasions, Hog Roast Haverfordwest is the number one choice both locally and further afield, and not just for sumptuous hog and spit roasts. We’ve spent a long time perfecting our menus, including those scrumptious hog and spit roasts, but we also know that offering variety and choice is key when catering, so that everyone can enjoy our food. Whether you are inviting guests on special diets to your party or event, such as plant-based, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, or you want us to cater for bigger appetites or differing personal tastes, we have something for everyone – just let us know your needs in advance and we’ll do you proud.

Cheshire - bread3Hog Roast Haverfordwest recently catered Paula’s private party at home, to celebrate her promotion with friends, family members and work colleagues. Paula had asked us to cook a centrepiece hog roast for most of the guests but was concerned about needing a gluten-free option for her mum, who thought she would have to miss out on our amazing pigs in buns. Thankfully for Paula’s mum, our pigs in buns are suitable as long as we simply bring along gluten-free bread rolls for that guest, and when we told Paula she was thrilled, as she didn’t want her mum to feel left out but she certainly wouldn’t be at this party.

Our Hog Roast Haverfordwest chef and catering assistants arrived at the party venue, a local community hall, several hours before we were due to serve our food, and set up our equipment outside in the grounds in the sunshine. The first order of the day was preparing the meat to be roasted, so our chef cracked on with scoring it, covering it in water and massaging in lots of salt and then it was sizzling away in its own juices for hours on end.

Later in the day, our team set out our own-recipe stuffing and apple sauce on the serving tables, as well as plenty of bread rolls and wraps (keeping Paula’s mum’s bread rolls separate), along with condiments and serviettes, and by 4pm, the hog was finally cooked to perfection and our chef got the carving knives out…