Hog Roast Worcester Will Leave Your Guests Queuing Up For More

Hog Roast Worcester has lots of repeat customers, who return to us again and again for our top-notch catering services. Over the years, we’ve built up a reputation for providing tasty, fresh food served by consummate professionals and at a great price too and our long-term customer Ed knows this all too well. Having used our services many a time, Ed didn’t hesitate to ask us to cater his 50th birthday party recently, and we weren’t at all surprised when he asked us to cook him and his forty guests a traditional centrepiece hog roast so that we could make plenty of pigs in buns – a firm favourite of Ed’s.

Derbyshire - pork3When Hog Roast Worcester makes pigs in buns (which you may alternatively know as hog roast rolls), it’s firstly by sourcing the meat from a trusted local supplier of ours, which ensures that it’s great quality and fresh. On the day of your party or event, we prepare the meat at your chosen venue, by scoring it all over diagonally, covering it in lots of water to keep it moist throughout the cooking process and then smothering it in salt, which turns the skin into crunchy crackling. Once cooked beautifully, both inside and out, we carve away and add the meat and crackling to floury bread rolls and wraps, top with our own recipe sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, and then hand over to you and your hungry guests. It’s up to you whether you want to add condiments to your pigs in buns or not but one thing’s for sure – you’ll certainly be queuing up for more!

On the morning of the milestone birthday party, our Hog Roast Worcester chef and catering assistants arrived at the venue several hours before Ed and his guests. It takes a long time to roast a hog to perfection, once we’ve prepared the meat, so once our equipment was set up, that was the first order of the day.

By mid-afternoon, we had a feast of pigs in buns ready to serve and Ed was first in line for his birthday treat. Soon enough, he was back in the queue for seconds and thirds!