Buying A Hog Roast Machine Has Never Been Easier!

We love to welcome customers to have a good look around our factory, where we hand build our own hog roast machines. That’s right – the machines that we sell, hire out and cater with are actually our own designs and you can come and see the production line in person and talk to us about owning your own. You may be a professional caterer who’s looking to expand to cooking hog roasts or even a domestic cook who wants to escape the traditional home kitchen and cook a whole meal using just one machine, and everyone’s welcome – just call us in advance to book an appointment.

Long-time customer Sally booked a factory tour with us recently. She’s used our fantastic catering services for some of her events in the past, and also hired our excellent machines for DIY hog roasts at home, so she knows all about them already, and how they cook delicious food. Having recently started up her own catering business, Sally knew she wanted to include hog roasts as part of the service, so the next step was to buy her own machine. Buying hog roast equipment is a big decision and we know that sometimes finding the capital to fulfil your dreams can be difficult, so we even offer a lease purchase option if needed. When the lease period is up, you have the option to either keep the machine or have it replaced with a new one (with the latter, you carry on paying a monthly fee but we actually buy back your old machine!)

Sally was hugely enthusiastic about the factory visit and excited to visit the showroom afterwards, too. She explored our different options of the Titan, Hogmaster, Hogmaster Pro, Platinum, and the Olympian. Even though she had her heart set on the Titan before visiting us, as she had happily used it in the past, she was glad that she had checked out the other hog roast machines that we offer, as it made her think even more about what kind of services to offer her customers. Sally is still in talks with her husband about which of our machines to buy but we’re sure we’ll see her back here soon.