Turning 70 In Style With A Hog Roast City Dulas Delivery

Still in lockdown? No problem! Here at Hog Roast City Dulas, we have come up with the perfect solution to meet all of your catering needs. Introducing to you, the Gourmet Delivery Service.

Hog Roast City DulasPerfect for combatting the lockdown blues, this innovative new catering option sees our skilled crew cook and prepare a gorgeous meal at our premises before carefully packaging everything up and delivering the freshly-made feast straight to your doorstep. So, whether you’ve got a birthday or anniversary to celebrate, or are just craving some of our gorgeous slow roasted pork, then simply call our team today and get your hog roast fix in no time!

We’ve made sure that this service is both quick and smooth for our clients to organise, which makes the process of placing your order all the more simple. Plus, with our experienced catering manager and bubbly customer service team on hand to answer any queries you have, you can rest easy knowing that you will always be in complete control of your catering when booking with Hog Roast City Dulas.

With tight lockdown rulings still blanketing much of the country, Agnes was over the moon when she discovered our delivery option which seemed like the perfect way to commemorate her husband’s 70th birthday. Hoping to make full use of the service, the client called Hog Roast City Dulas last week and right away she discovered that our catering crew were more than happy to talk her through the expansive selection of options we have on offer.

In no time at all, Agnes had found the ideal menu for the day: the private party menu 3. With its selection of salad and potato side options and mouth-watering meat, the decision was a no-brainer for Agnes who had also asked us to include a sweet treat to round off the meal.

Much of Thursday afternoon was spent preparing the gorgeous hog roast spread for the client, which Hog Roast City Dulas delivered at 6 pm to the very surprised birthday celebrant! The drool-worthy aromas from the golden, salt-infused pig had wafted through the air, but the flavours were even better!

Agnes and her husband loved the meal, and found it was the perfect way to celebrate his milestone birthday!