Hog Roast Rye Hosting Regular Team Training

Once a month Hog Roast Rye aids the head office chef with training. Head office provide different types of training for our carefully created delicious menu’s. Last month Hog Roast Rye helped with a canapé training day for our new recruits. Training days are always exciting as new and old franchises get to meet and interact over the course of the two-to-three days. New ideas always arise which can be added to our menus to make them even more tasty and lets clients have even more choice!

Hog Roast RyeUsually on a private party or wedding menu, our clients get to choose four canapés out of twelve so plenty of choice! Hog Roast Rye favourites include mini pizza, gourmet sausage, Indian selection, smoked salmon, halloumi kebabs and fillet of beef. You cannot go wrong with mini pizza’s; classic cheese and tomato and then depending on our clients requests we add toppings to, always keeping a majority plain for vegetarians and children. The gourmet sausage is completely scrumptious, you can’t help keep picking for more! It is a mini pork sausage covered in a blanket of divine honey and mustard dressing. The Indian selection is always a party pleaser because people know what to expect! All the favourites are included: vegetable samosas, onion bhaji’s, vegetable pakoras – yum!

The smoked salmon canapé is a classy layered delight, it starts with a simple soft brown bread base with a layer of cream cheese and chives before being topped with swirls of smoked salmon with a drizzle of fresh lemon juice. Initially halloumi kebabs were included as a vegetarian canapé but who doesn’t love halloumi?! Two or three cubes of halloumi are popped onto a stick layered between caramelised onions and served with a caramelised onion chutney and a sweet chilli sauce so that guests can decide which accompaniment they prefer. The fillet of beef canapé is a party in the mouth. A fillet steak is pan-seared and chopped into bite-size strips before the tender and succulent meat is placed in a mini crispy Yorkshire pudding and finished with a smidge of creamy horseradish. This is an all-time client favourite because it becomes a miniature Sunday roast.

The training day was a success. All the canapés on offer were prepped, cooked, served and enjoyed by the new recruits who are now fully trained on how to deliver deliciously tasty canapés!

Hog Roast Rye is currently looking to add a fish and chip canapé to the menu which we believe will go down wonderfully with our clients and their guests.