Simple Cooking Methods With Our Machines

 Good afternoon from the team at The Spitting Pig Company, if you have ever fancied  having a hog or spit roast at you party it is now easier than ever, no matter what date or location our team will only be too happy to deliver you a machine with or without meat at unbelievable prices.

Our machines are designed so they are simple to use weather you want a hog roast, spit roast , chicken spit or BBQ . Every year we see more and more people hiring our spitting pig machines all across the country, as they are they are safe, reliable and are a great , cheap way to feed a lot of people in comparison to other catering methods.

The way our chefs prepare a pig for a hog roast follows; place the pig in the hog roast tray (try to get the pig as central as possible as this will cook the pig evenly) score the pig with a blade down the spine and on the legs and shoulders, cover the pig in salt (this will ensure the crackling is done perfectly) turn on the gas burners ( using the propane gas provided by ourselves ) , make sure the doors are on correctly, then simply wait approx 6 hours (depending on the size of the pig). Then you will have a perfectly cooked hog roast for your friends and family to enjoy, perfect for parties and events including Halloween , bonfire night , birthdays ,anniversaries and Christmas

If you don’t fancy cooking a pig with our machines you can cook any type of meat including lamb (  roasted or spit roasted) chicken ( roasted or spit roasted) beef (roasted or spit roasted) and turkeys. We also have a BBQ attachment which simply sits on top of the machine using a little bit of oil you can now easily cook burgers, hotdogs or any preferred meat in a matter of minutes, perfect if you are hosting a party.

We also sell all our different models of hog roast machines and accessories, why not take a look online at our spitting pig website, these machines will last you a lifetime, easy to use and clean and are at unbelievable prices perfect for any occasion , all of our machines are next day delivery and come with a 12 month warranty, don’t delay get your hog roast machine today.