How the Hog Master Machine Makes Catering Easy

Hog Roast MachineOne of the secrets behind our success as a hog roast caterer is the brilliant machines that our Hog Roast Machines teams use each and every day. The craft of authentic hog roasting is something that might typically take a lot of work, especially if you had to set it up in new locations every single time we came to an event, but with machines such as our state-of-the-art Hog Master it is far easier. We simply set up the self-contained unit, get our whole pig onto it – or any of the other foods this versatile machine can cook up perfectly – and set it to start roasting, leaving it for a couple hours until it creates that perfect golden roast texturing that we are always after here at Hog Roast Machines.

We have a range of machines that help us facilitate the needs of just about any event as a caterer, but if you were to ask our chefs which of our machines is their favourite the answer you are more than likely going to get is the Hog Master. The Hog Master is one for the professionals out there; it’s sleek design makes it our best looking machine, along with the variable viewing window allowing you to watch the entire process of your roast being made. But the thing that makes the Hog Master the top choice among our Spitting Pigteams is its adaptability. By design, it comes with its own serving and prepping table as the lid easily folds out into a table. This gives our chefs somewhere extra to work, or to serve from in instances where we have less space and customers come to us.

The Hog Master is also made adaptable with other attachments that can turn it into a spit roaster, a barbecue, or a machine cable of cooking one whole hog roast along with 100 other potatoes at the same time. Catering requires that kind of adaptability, so the Hog Master is easily the firm choice of the Hog Roast Machines chefs. It could be your choice too if you ever want to get into the roasting game!