Who Ate All the Pies? Hog Roast Scarborough Did!

For well over 20 years now the Hog Roast Scarborough team has of course been known for our namesake hog roast. Our signature roast dish has carried us through a very successful two decades of the most brilliant events up and down the country. We came to the hog roast because it provided all that we wanted in our specialist dining service, and we are delighted to see that the people of Great Britain certainly agreed.

Hog Roast ScarboroughWe are loyal to our hog roast here at Hog Roast Scarborough; we would never dream of turning our back on the best pork roast around, especially with all it has done for us. But lately, however, the hog roast perhaps might not be the king of our event catering that it once was. We are always looking for ways to shake up our menus at Hog Roast Scarborough, so through 2024 we have loved experimenting with our own meat and veggie pies. So far, they’ve gone down a storm!

The pie felt like a good next step for a specialist roast caterer like us; they still have that warm and comforting home cooked feel that a roast does, and they are just as good on a cold winter’s night in the UK. Plus, much like a roast, they are perfect for drowning in plenty of gravy and mopping up with plenty of mash and roast veg!

We have been getting tonnes of orders for our new pies lately, and it’s easy to see why. Much like our roasts, our pies are made from high-quality, fresh ingredients and are made to order. We’re stuffing these brilliant beauties with the same high quality beefs and pork that our customers have already come to love in our specialist roasts. We also have vegetarian options too, and all are perfect to be paired with our peas and homemade gravy.

If you have an event coming up, then why not consider asking our team about these new brilliant pies for your menu. They’re coming in hot with plenty of recommendations already, so why not join in!