Hog Roast Wellingborough Creating The Perfect Meal For Your Guests

Hog Roast Wellingborough has many years of experience catering all kinds of parties and events and our qualified professionals always go the extra mile to ensure excellent service with a smile, no matter the formality, number of guests invited or even the location. We can cook just about anywhere you choose, as our trusty hog roast machines are gas-powered and highly portable, and contrary to popular belief, we don’t only cater huge or posh events; we also cook for small, informal gatherings too if needed.

Hog Roast WellingboroughWhen Diana contacted us with regards us catering her daughter’s christening celebration, she first of all needed to make sure that we could cater a small group of people, as she was inviting just family members. We explained that we can cater any numbers, and our Hog Roast Wellingborough chef could easily cater her party of 12 by himself. We’re highly adaptable and open to ideas and suggestions, and we even let our customers mix and match our menus so that they can create their own dream menu, or we can help you to devise one if preferred. Nothing is too much trouble and for Diana’s party, she would be able to see that for herself.

In terms of the food on the day, Diana asked us to cook a hog roast to make her guests our amazing hog roast rolls (which we call pigs in buns). Our chef arrived at the venue, Diana’s home, on the day of the christening, and the first order of the day was to set up our gazebo (which would shade him from the hot May sun), our serving table and hog roast machine, and then prepare the meat to be roasted. After scoring it, he covered it in lots of water and then smothered in plenty of salt, and before long it was sizzling in its own juices for hours on end.

Later on in the day, after keeping a watchful eye on the hog, our Hog Roast Wellingborough chef had it resting for a short while he prepared the ingredients for the pigs in buns – fresh bread rolls, our own apple sauce and stuffing and various condiments. Then it was finally time to carve the meat and crackling…