How Have Hog Roast Greencastle Adapted to the Varying COVID Restriction Change

It’s been anything but a straightforward year for any of us as lockdown changes have gone in and out with the tide of COVID-19 cases rising and falling. The light seems ever so close at the end of the tunnel now, but we would be lying if we said it hadn’t been quite the bumpy road for us here at Hog Roast Greencastle.

Hog Roast GreencastleHere at Hog Roast Greencastle the one thing we love to do most is bring together large-scale events and community and treat them to a fine feast of roasted meats and foods. With the very nature of this pandemic however that has obviously been quite difficult to continue of course. When a virus prohibits us from gathering in large groups that is always going to be a big hindrance to our services. But determined not to go lying down and knowing that our customers in this time most of all will be longing for the treats of our hog roasts and fresh foods we endeavoured to keep going as best we can. Fortunately for us the entire team at Hog Roast Greencastle has just been oh so brilliant and devoted to keep our great tastes going in whatever way we could. Despite its best efforts, not even a global pandemic could keep our customers from their favourite hog roasts for too long!

As at home dining delivery became fundamental in the early period of the pandemic we pivoted toward hamper and fresh food deliveries to our most favoured customers. This allowed us the joy once again of providing what we love and helping out the community as best we can. As we learned more about the virus and as restrictions eased at certain points we have also been fortunate enough to bring outdoor event dining in limited and safe capacities. It’s a taste of what once was and gives us something to look forward to again as event restrictions ease again too. Fortunately for us outdoor dining is our preferred method anyway too and as it keeps our guests safer it was a no brainer to do what we could!

We’re so close to welcoming you big with open arms properly again, and, from all at Hog Roast Greencastle here, we cannot wait.