Hog Roast Sandhurst – A Perfect start to the summer!

Today we catered for a very casual, lovely little wedding based in a beautiful pastoral centre hog roast in Sandhurst. It was a bright and sunny day and we arrived on site to set up at the pastoral centre at 3pm for a 6pm serve. Becky had opted for our very popular menu 3 option (Gourmet Hog Roast) which consists of a whole roasted hog roast served with a selection of white, wholemeal and seeded fresh bakers rolls, succulent sage and onion stuffing made using the pork stock. Gourmet Hog Roast (Menu 3)To accompany we served fresh green leaf, coleslaw and Mediterranean pasta salads, a homemade roasted vegetable quiche and a selection of sauces including homemade apple sauce. It was a fantastic day and Becky and her guests were all really laid back and friendly. The wedding party arrived on site at 5:30pm and all wanted to see the hog roast Sandhurst in all it’s glory. We started to carve as the guests arrived and the meat just fell apart. We served at 6pm and all the guests quickly ate and came back for more. It was a great event and almost all the guests had seconds. The compliments were all positive with most saying it was the best hog roast they had ever tasted. A great wedding event and a perfect menu 3 once again from spitting pig.