Hog Roast Nottingham’s Hogmaster Is Perfect For A Pro Chef or Even Someone New To The Industry!

By looking at our name, you’d think that Hog Roast Nottingham serves up tasty hog roasts – and you’d be right of course. But we actually boast many services, including catering with many other food options, hiring out our machines and training people to cook just like us. When it comes to customers purchasing our hog roast machines, we do that too, and we have a full range of equipment to suit both professional and domestic chefs, whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game.

When Sandra and Derek contacted Hog Roast Nottingham Head Office - pig2with regards buying one of our hog roast machines for their wedding catering business, we invited them to have a look at our range in person at our showroom in the north of England. You don’t need an appointment to visit us, and we can even show you around the factory where we build them. That’s yet another string to our bow – we designed our own range of hog roast machines and we hand-build them from scratch using top-class materials. While touring the factory, you can talk to our team and we can let you know the best machine for your particular needs, whether that’s a Titan, Hogmaster, Hogmaster Pro, Olympian, or Platinum.

Sandra and Derek came by our showroom and factory yesterday and talked about their wants and needs with a hog roast machine, stating that they wanted something easy to use and adaptable to cooking other food. Our range of machines are all actually simple to use, as we made sure to make them that way, and can all be adapted with attachments that we can provide. You can barbecue, spit-roast or cook a hog roast of course, and you can cook potatoes, vegetables and even pizzas inside our machines!

One of our most popular machines is the Hogmaster and the couple were extremely impressed when they saw what it could do. By the end of the day, Sandra and Derek had ordered two of them from Hog Roast Nottingham and they are both looking forward to trying them out on their customers as soon as possible.