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If you’re thinking of cooking your own hog or spit roast for the first time, it can be fairly daunting, especially if there will be a crowd watching you, like at a family party or corporate event. You may be concerned about the size of the animal or bird that you’ll be cooking, if you’ll need to prepare the meat yourself, where to actually source the meat and how to use the equipment itself, or you may want to cook more food and you want to know if a hog roast machine can do that too. With a Hog Roast Bootle rental, your worries will be unfounded, as we work hard to make sure you know everything in advance of your party or event, and we always show our customers how to use our hog roast machines when we deliver them to their choice of venue. That’s right – we even deliver and we collect the machine from you afterwards too, making it all so much easier for you.

When our long-term customer Roy called Hog Roast Bootle to book a hog roast machine rental recently, he already knew Warwickshire - pig2which of our range he wanted to hire. We offer several machines in our range, including our fantastic Hogmaster machine, the Hogmaster Pro which is great for home cooking, the Titan (which is the best commercial hog roast machine in the UK) and the Platinum which can cook two pigs at the same time. In the past, Roy has benefited from our catering services and he has rented one of our Hogmaster hog roast machines on several occasions too. It’s easy to use and highly adaptable, easy to move around and capable of cooking hog roasts, spit roasts, and barbecues, as well as vegetables and potatoes, For Roy, this is the perfect choice for his needs, and for this hire that would be cooking a hog roast at home for his wedding anniversary party.

When Hog Roast Bootle collected the machine from Roy recently, he told us how he was interested in buying his own in the near future, as he loves to cook this way and he knows he can save a pretty penny using one, even as a domestic chef at home.