Hog Roast Burnley – Learn The Best From The Best

Did you know that at Hog Roast Burnley we also sell machines to enable you to do your own hog roast? Well, we do! AND we teach you how to do it so it’s perfect for catering companies and start-ups. Last week, we teamed up with four young entrepreneurs who wanted our advice on what equipment they would need and how they could get the most of their machine. Therefore, the guys spent 2 days working with our Managing Director Steve, at our training facility, learning all of the ins and outs of the business.

The Rolling Pig ServingPurchasing a hog roast machine is a huge commitment and you need to make sure it’s for you before committing. Also, it is all very well absorbing the technical knowledge but another putting it into practice. So once the classroom bit was done, we cooked a pig with the group from scratch and assisted in preparing the accompaniments, including the potatoes and fresh salads. We then spread the word amongst our team and local businesses to invite them along to try the fruits of their labour.

The guys took to the preparation and service like ducks to water. All have been to catering college so they are no strangers to cooking and the health and safety implications that come with it. However, using such a hefty piece of machinery can be a challenge but they made it look easy. Those catered for fed back about their professionalism, warm and welcoming manner and ultimately, they said the food was delicious. Even the presentation of the salads were commented on so their attention to detail and passion shone through.

Whilst people countrywide are getting familiar with our business model at wedding, parties and corporate events, this side of our company is lesser known but perhaps the most important. We have always wanted to give back and provide advice and assistance to others when needed. Other services we can help you with are setting up a website, providing guidance on pricing, giving contract advice and designing menus. Our 25+ years wealth of experience is priceless for your new venture.