DIY Hog Roast For Friends And Family

We are very lucky to have many repeat customers who tell others about their great experiences when hiring The Spitting Pig to provide the food catering at events and parties. Nevertheless, it’s also great to be recommended for our machine hire, as we put our heart and soul into designing and creating fantastic machines that are easy to use and last a long time. We have our own range of machines, including the Titan, Hogmaster, Hogmaster Pro, Platinum and Olympian, that we rent out and also sell, both to professional and domestic caterers.

When we recently received a call from Evan, who has his own catering company, he wanted to enquire about hiring one of our hog roasting machines after being recommended by one of his buddies in the catering business. He wanted to try a DIY roast with his family and friends for his first time, rather than jump in at the deep end with one of his clients’ events, so we advised that he use one of our smaller machines for a smaller party this time.

I delivered the machine to Evan myself last week, along with a quality pig from a local supplier who we know and trust. Evan normally caters events with homemade sandwiches and cakes, so this would be a brand-new venture, cooking hot food from scratch for his customers. It didn’t take long at all to explain to Evan how to use the hog roasting machine, but I also let him know how to prepare the meat in advance of cooking it and let him know that he should keep an eye on the pig while it roasted away. Knowing that he was comfortable with using the machine, I let him know that he could call me just in case, and then I left him to it.

When I collected the hog roaster yesterday, Even told me all about his successful party at home with family and friends who had all declared his cooking a triumph. For now, he will be hiring machines from us so he can roast hogs at particular events, and in the long-term he’s thinking about purchasing one.