Buy Your Hog Roast Catering Equipment Direct From the Caterer That Makes Them

Spitting Pig Machines is all about great service of course, but that great service isn’t only reserved for our guest and customers at events. As an independent caterer in the UK, we are also here to help serve our other fellow caterers and dining enthusiasts out there. We believe that it pays to help others in the industry, as doing so can raise the entire standard which in turn forces us to raise ours again too. We are all too happy equipment and tips with other caterers any time – all you need to do is ask.

Most will of course know Spitting Pig Machines  as an event caterer first and foremost, but as a franchise we are also one of the leading manufacturers of hog roasting equipment in the UK. Our entire business revolves around the quality of our roasts, so early on in our story we sought out to craft a roasting machine that would be able to handle our own high demands for our foods. This resulted in the fleet of roasting machines that you will see Spitting Pig Machines teams all across the country using now. They are state of the art machines that allow our to fulfil a variety of catering purposes at every single event we attend. We are happy to rent and sell them to others with the full confidence that they have the backing of our own teams. You can depend on them to fulfil your catering needs because we, as the designer and manufacturer, do too.Hog Roast Machine

Purchasing a machine direct from Spitting Pig Machines also comes with a few extra benefits too. We are more than happy to have you out to our manufacturing house where you can learn more about your machine, get full training on the best ways to use it, and even where to source meats and ingredients for use. We’ll also set you up with a warranty and gas safety certificate, and time you have an issue with the machine we can take a look and get it repaired or replaced for you. We also regularly upgrade our own machines meaning you can have access to the best parts at any time, as long as you buy from us.

If you’re interested, then just speak to your local Spitting Pig Machines team today.