Find Spitting Pig At a Wedding Fair Near You

Spitting Pig Weddings are the biggest service that just about any caterer provides. We at Spitting Pig always want to be out there for the big occasions like weddings because it is a chance to really push the limits of our service and show off the very best of ourselves. Demands are high with weddings; you are catering for one of the most important days in a lot of people’s life, so there is no room for slack service or off days. You have to perform to the top level and provide something that is really going to impress guests.

With wedding catering being so popular amongst caterers, you’ll find that it is very competitive to get in front of customers and prove that you are the caterer that they should be putting their trust in. Thankfully, after 20 odd years of quality dining service, Spitting Pig are well-regarded in the industry and get plenty of recommendations from old customers and venues in the industry that we have worked with previously. That doesn’t mean we no longer roll up our sleeves and get out there talking to potential customers, however.

Spitting pigThroughout the year wedding planners and venues will host a myriad of wedding fairs to allow customers to see what is out there on the wedding market. Vendors like us come out to show off the best of themselves and convince customers to let them have the privilege of aiding their special day. As a guest, you can come chat to Spitting Pig, learn all about what we do, perhaps even take away some freebies or samples if we have them on offer, and even book in a future event or consultation for a later date.

We love coming out to these events as it gives us the opportunity to meet folk from all over and actually get some good face to face discussion. It is one thing to go back and forth in emails or calls, but having someone in front of you where you can give them a full presentation of our namesake hog roast, and chat candidly about our foods and services, is all the better. We attend these fairs all year long, One of which being The UK Wedding Event at York Racecourse on Sunday 17th March! So if you are even slightly considering hosting an event then we would encourage you to come along and chat to the Spitting Pig team!