4 top hog roast machine cleaning techniques rated by Spitting Pig’s Equipment Sales Manager!

As you may recall, a few weeks ago we wrote a blog about the importance of keeping our hog roast machines well maintained and squeaky clean. As we have had many questions from our clients about the best cleaning methods, we asked our Sales Manager Matt for his expert opinion on the pros and cons of different techniques, based on their effectiveness and the amount of elbow grease involved.

Here are Matt’s top 4 tips for keeping your hog roast machine shiny and stain free inside and out, with scores out of 10 rated from the least effective method to the one that has the most impact:

Sponge with scourer: 4/10

A super quick and cheap way of cleaning surface grease and spills etc from the machine after service, but not sufficient for removing baked on food and tougher stains. Using a sponge with a scourer also requires a lot of effort to have the desired results.

Metal scourer: 5/10

Another cheap and easy way of cleaning down after service, but as with a sponge, a metal scourer isn’t effective enough to remove the really baked on marks and a lot of elbow grease in needed.

Scotch pads / wet & dry pads: 7/10

A more efficient method than either a sponge or a metal scourer, scotch pads are effective in removing the more ingrained black marks and yellow tinge from your machine, and they also come with two different grits, depending on the toughness of the stains you are trying to remove. You need to be careful when using scotch pads not to scrub too hard though, as you could accidentally scratch the stainless steel.

Sanding: 9.5/10

bee10d2a-3701-4044-81e4-0a6850151250By far the most effective method of cleaning a hog roast machine, when done correctly sanding can make each panel look brand new again. As you can imagine, this method is also the most time consuming if you want your machine to look as good as new. Before sanding, you also need to remove the latches and ensure the machine is fully cleaned beforehand to prevent the sanding discs from becoming clogged.

From a quick wipe down after service to making your hog roast machine as shiny as the day you bought it, these are Matt’s top 4 methods for cleaning your hog roast machine. Whichever method you opt for, please do let us know how it goes and whether you are pleased with the results!