A Winters Hog Roast In Ripley

Today we catered for a party of 110 at a great family home in a beautiful country lane in Send, Just outside of Ripley town. Mark and his family had opted for our popular menu 3 option of Hog roast por90k, served with warm, crushed new potatoes, hot stuffing made using the pork juices, a selection of handmade sauces including our homemade apple sauce, 2 of our popular salads and a selection of fresh bakers rolls. We slowly roasted the pork off site for 12 hours and quickly transported it to marks home. We set up the serving tables inside a large marquee which was very well decorated. The preparing we did outside the back of the marquee which worked perfectly. We served at 9pm with many hungry guests being able to smell the lovely food we had made. Everyone ate really quickly and as it was a fancy dress party there were many different characters coming to get a plate full of food. All the guests and Marks family really enjoyed the hog roast and many people took our cards to book pass onto family and friends.