We’re Online!

Great news from the Spitting Pig machines department, we have now launched our online store after months of hard work!

The Store has been tirelessly worked on by the machines department at the Spitting Pig in order to make buying parts much easier.  It has been designed so it can be navigated easily, with each machine having each section with its parts listed at price we would sell to you over the phone.

The great thing about having an online store is that now you can cut out the middle man. Instead of having to ring us up and order your part, you can look on the store and see pictures of the parts as well as description, so that you can be aware that the part you are buying is the correct one.

But there is no need to worry; we will still be here to answer any questions that you may have about a machine or part over the telephone, so feel free to give us a ring.

Design on the shop started at the beginning of the year with the thought in mind that we would be able to get it up and running for the start of summer, but since we have had such as busy summer period, it has taken us a little longer than expected to get the shop finished. But we are still in the middle of summer and the weather is beginning to pick up, so now is the time to get yourself a hog roast machine and visit the site.

The online shop also uses a world pay service, this allows payment for the items selected online to be processed. This means there is no need for you to give your card details over the phone. Another great thing about the online shop is that it is a lot quicker and more efficient than ordering over the telephone, and you are able to see the item that you are replacing on your machine, giving you assurance that the item you are buying is the correct one.

So go and have a browse at our shop by going on the Spitting Pig website by clicking the “online shop tab” and then maybe you could be the proud owner of one of our premium, top of the range Hog roast machines. Or feel free to click on the link below to access the shop http://shop.spittingpig.co.uk/