Summer is still to come!

Even with the weather being terrible, we are having a busy month with machine hires here at the Spitting Pig. And we believe the weather is only going to get better!
The great thing about the hire service that we offer is that it kind of works as a try-before-you-buy. For example, you can hire a machine for a months period for the low price of £500 plus VAT and then, at the end of you trial period, you will be given the option of buying or returning your machine. The great thing about this service is that you are able to familiarise yourself with the machine and see the results it produces when cooking a pig. This way you don’t just have to take our word for it, you can try it yourself.
In this blog, a couple of we will describe a couple of machines you may be interested in hiring. Firstly there is the Titan. The Titan is one of our most popular machines at the spitting pig and comes with two different cooking styles. The First cooking style is hog roasting. Hog roasting consists of laying the pig in a flat tray and cooking the pig from the heat coming from the flames below. This is the cheapest hog roasting method available but still provides a perfect pig with fantastic crackling. The second cooking method is Spit Roasting; probably what you would originally think of when you this of a hog roast, the pig rotates on a pole which is powered by a motor. This is defiantly more of a spectacle and really gets a crowd excited as they watch the pig slowly rotate over the flames. Although this is more expensive it is defiantly worth the price you are paying!
Another machine we provide is the Platinum. The Platinum a fully stainless steel machine that is great for large events and, with its dual level cooking system, allows the user of the machine to cook two sets of ingredients at once. For example, the lower level of the machine could be used to cook items such as vegetables and potatoes. Whereas the upper level can be used to hog roast or spit roast a pig. The mixture of the two cooking types will result in some of the hog roast you’re going to taste from any machine, anywhere.
There is still much of summer left so give us a call and try one of these fantastic machines today!