Machines Take an Olympic Twist

Here at Spitting Pig, we are determined to make the hog roasting even easier, and this usually goes through many different stages of design, trying to make the an effective machine, which is new and revolutionary, ensuring the hog roast cooking method is still and sight to see. With a variety of different options available, the team have been working hard, choosing which adaptation to use.

With the Olympics vastly approaching and the famous torch making its way round the country, the hog roast team began looking into the concept of using natural gas with our machines. The concept of using natural gas, to power our machines sounded new and revolutionary, and would allow effective use of the hog roast machines within an indoor environment, without leaving the smutty, smoky smell lingering throughout the event.

So, in time for the Olympics, we are building a variety of natural gas powered machines, allowing more effective way to cook the hog roasts, and allowing the use of machines easily within an indoor event location. With the Olympics coming up, we see this as a good time for the release of these new, revolutionary machines. With London being chosen to host this year’s games, the idea of releasing these machines in time for the Olympics allows a variety of events to take up the opportunity of these new machines.

With themed events throughout the country being booked for during the Olympics, it looks like the Olympic Torch Relay kick started the nations support and backing for Team GB. These new machines offer an amazing way to cater for a varied number of people, can be used effectively with any of our fresh meats, which are all locally sourced. Sticking with the Olympic theme, we now other an amazing range of special offers, and this can make any Olympic themed event in every way unique, with our wide range of menus available, all your guests can be accommodated for, as we other a wide range of vegetarian options. So why not give us a call, or even drop us an email to get a quote for your next event.