Used Hogmaster – Hog Roast Glasgow!

With our affordable catering services, Hog Roast Glasgow has spent many years helping to make our customers’ parties and events great successes. We provide tasty food for all kinds of social occasions and you may well have tried some yourself, either locally or further afield. However, we can also do so much more than you may think, and that includes hog roast machine rentals and sales. When it comes to finding the equipment to cater your own events, we are the number one choice for many reasons, including cost-wise and service and that’s both in terms of hiring one of our trusty machines or buying one. While we have a range of brand-new machines (and you may be surprised to find out that we build them ourselves from scratch), we also sell used machines.

IMG_3683With the same capabilities as a new machine, buying one of our used machines at Hog Roast Glasgow means you save money while still being able to cook the same gorgeous food with one. Each used machine goes through an in-house comprehensive refurbishment process with our skilled engineers and comes with a 12-month warranty and a 12-month gas check certificate. Whether a machine has had light use or more, it will still be in fantastic condition when we sell it on to you, and we even sometimes have new, end of the line stock sold at amazing prices too.

When our long-term customer David contacted us recently, he was looking to buy another of our used machines to add to his current collection. Catering large events can be a tricky business but with our excellent, durable, stainless steel machines, David and his team have cooked many a hog and spit roast and as his company is expanding, he knew he needed another. As he already has four pre-owned hog roast machines, all sold to him by Hog Roast Glasgow, David was happy to buy another and hoped we had a used Hogmaster in stock – a favourite with him and many other professional caterers. On this particular day, we did, and we sent David on his way with his purchase, confident that he will be back for more in the future.