Titan Success for A Mobile Caterer!

We have yet more great feedback to share about our hugely popular Titan hog roast machine from a recent purchaser!
John came to us with a tentative enquiry about purchasing a hog roast machine. Having run his own mobile catering company for 5 years, specialising in the music festival circuit, he felt his food and equipment were starting to look a bit tired and in need of a revamp. He had been toying with investing in a hog roast machine for a while, but he didn’t think it would be a versatile enough piece of equipment to meet his needs, especially with space being limited in his catering van.

His opinion completely changed when he found out about our Titan machine and he was very pleasantly surprised that not only can it feed a huge amount of people in one go, it has the scope to a cook range of different meats, not just pork, and it comes with a spit roast attachment!

18893327_925614034246422_5983457921658707265_nEven before his Titan machine was delivered, John knew it was exactly what he was looking for and when it arrived, complete with instructional DVD, it exceeded all of his expectations! John didn’t delay in getting on the road with his new acquirement and from day one he was receiving great feedback from every festival-goer who paid a visit to his van!

John feels that the Titan has completely revitalised his catering business with the quality and quantity of meat it can produce at any one time, and not only that, it is sturdily built for easy transport across muddy festival fields yet compact enough to fit comfortably in his van.

For John, the Titan more than ticks all the boxes on his wish list and his only regret is that he waited so long before taking the plunge and buying one! He can’t wait for the summer season to come around again and he is looking forward to feeding as many music fans as possible with some great pork courtesy of the Titan!

Thanks for the feedback John, we’re glad you love the Titan so much!