The Hog Master Pro – Hog Roast Bootle

Hog Roast Bootle love the Hog Master Pro for its many tricks and functions with cooking. It is smaller than any of the other machines that Hog Roast Bootle uses but that just makes it easier to transport!

20200226_160952The Hog Master Pro is extremely popular with commercial businesses such as hotels, pubs and restaurants within the catering sector. This is probably because of how versatile it is! For instance, it can be used to cook a small pig up to 35kg. A hog Roast perfect for any small gathering or even for delivery! On the other hand, it can be used as a spit roast machine to cook a small pig. It is completely self-sufficient running off a single gas bottle and the motor to turn the pig on the spit runs off everyday batteries. It takes the traditional cooking method to a simpler however without losing the flavours!

It can be used as a commercial oven to cook joints of meat or accompanying dishes such as cauliflower cheese or roast potatoes. Another function is as a BBQ. It has a BBQ plate that sits on top so that you still have use of the beneath section for cooking other food or storing food ready to serve.

All of the Pro’s accessories fit into the machine for easy storage. It has been hand crafted from stainless steel for strength and durability. The front of the machine has a glass window for a nice visual aspect for the guests. It has all the features of larger machines, just on a smaller scale. The size, shape and weight help to make it that much more versatile through transportation.

Hog Roast Bootle recommends this fantastic product, so if you would like to better your catering prowess then you might just have an essential purchase to make today!