Buying a Franchise – Hog Roast Mill Road

Would you like a new business venture? Whether you are a professional chef or just fancy a change in career, take a look at a Hog Roast Mill Road franchise.

Like most franchise chains, Hog Roast Mill Road has a head office based in Lancashire with a factory nearby that equips the franchisees with state of the art hog roast machines. It is truly simple to enquire and the friendly and helpful Steve will provide all the information and advice you need to buy in and get started.

Hog Roast Mill Road franchises are based on a 5-year contract by events are organised by the head office so that you do not have the stress of chasing leads or having to sell to the public. Bookings are therefore passed on to you via the head office. You can take as much or as little work as you would like. You will get your own area website and marketing campaigns on various social media platforms, these are managed by the marketing team at head office.

What do you get with the Franchise?

  • Uniform for you and your staff members (e.g. chef jackets, polo shirts, coats)
  • Two gazebo’s
  • Four serving tables
  • Four chafer dishes and surrounds to block out any bad weather
  • Sign writing for one vehicle
  • Business cards
  • Ncass membership which provides all the relevant health and safety documents
  • Two machines – a hog master and titan

You will attend training days for the different menu’s, starting with the basics and working up to the more complicated but fun to run wedding menu’s. On your first couple of jobs, an expert team member will be there to help you and give you support and any reassurance. By your first event, you will be confident on how to liaise with the customer and how to give the best service and quality of food possible.


“The events I have done have been some of the best experiences of my life. In this job I have had the opportunity to cater at castles, on private islands, at beautiful manor houses, on a battleship and for a Michelin-stared hotel. The job certainly is not boring, you don’t know where you’ll end up or who you will meet!”