Fantastic Feedback from a Mount Grace Farm Pigs Customer!

Paul, a restaurant owner and fan of high quality local produce, has just been back in touch to tell us how impressed he was with his recent pork purchase from us! Paul had always been a massive advocate of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and was always very discerning about the food he served in his restaurant. He was known in the local area for his commitment to quality and he took a great deal of time researching suppliers to ensure his food was the best. He had decided a few months ago to invest in a hog roasting machine, which had gone down a storm with his Sunday lunch customers, but he hadn’t been 100% satisfied with where he was sourcing his pork from. He decided to look elsewhere, and that place was Mount Grace Farm Pigs!

The more he read about our pigs, the more excited he got. He loved how detailed and informative we were about where our pigs come from and the conditions in which they are reared. He thought the farm in North Yorkshire where they raised was a wonderful environment for them, where they were given the space to roam freely and fed and cared for in a very ethical way. Paul was experienced enough with food to know that these pigs would produce the highest quality, most-flavoursome pork for his restaurant!

Paul couldn’t wait to buy a pig from us and sample the quality of the meat, and thanks to our straight-forward buying process and swift delivery, he didn’t have to wait very long! It didn’t involve lots of lengthy phone calls or negotiations to secure his prize pig, all he had to do was select the size he required, pay online and have it delivered fresh to his door the very next day! A mere 48 hours after first looking at the Mount Grace Farm Pigs website, Paul was already slow-roasting his purchase for his Sunday diners! He was delighted with the quality of the pork and the service he received, and in future, he will only every buy his pork from Mount Farm Pigs!