Rugby Team Feast – Hog Roast Wales

Hog Roast Wales enjoy lightening any event with a colourful array of salads and a crispy hot pig to fill everyone’s bellies. Here in wales, as well as serving customers from all over, we often cater for large rugby events to celebrate team wins, specific players or just a simple sport gathering.

This year, Hog Roast Wales had the delight of catering for some of the country’s most famous rugby players. Along with their supporters, some of the men from the team wanted to host a large celebratory party for their exciting win back in summer. Here at Hog Roast Wales, we were ecstatic to provide the food and service for plenty of excited fans.

The team ordered a large buffet, this included a whole tender, juicy hog, a large piece of lamb, mint sauce, our gorgeous crackling and finally several soft, fluffy bread rolls. This menu was the perfect choice for a group of hungry men with massive appetites. The pressure was on for our team to deliver the perfect meals and of course, that is what we did.

Myself and my team of another 3-people got to the venue promptly, leaving plenty of time for us to set up and make everything look pristine and cooked to perfection. After we were allocated a spot in the room, the team and I got straight to work. Once we had finished, the buffet spread beautifully across the tables, we could see that it really brightened up the room.

As the guys started to arrive, there was cheering and burst of excitement between them all when they noticed the variety of flavoursome foods we had to offer. They were all eager to dig in and greedy for more after they had quickly scoffed up their first plates, there was plenty to go around for more than one, and even 2 plates for the 20 or so guys we were catering for.

After yet another successful day for Hog Roast Wales, it was time to pack up all our things, leaving nothing for the players to tidy after their extremely filling and succulent buffet.