Reliable And Delicious Corporate Hog Roast Plymouth Catering

When our long-term customer Jared asked Hog Roast Plymouth to provide our renowned catering services for his corporate event recently, he knew from the start that he wanted us to roast a centrepiece hog for hours on end in order to make pigs in buns for most of his guests of employees and colleagues. Having enjoyed them before on multiple corporate occasions at his marketing business, Jared knows full well that we use fresh, local, high-quality ingredients to make amazing dishes that wow guests, while being easy on the pocket for our customers. Nevertheless, he also knows that some guests aren’t able to eat a hog, or prefer not to, due to either preferences or diet, so he asked us to provide alternative dishes too.

Derbyshire - pig and ShaneWhen it comes to satisfying all kinds of tastes, wants and needs, Hog Roast Plymouth is the number one choice. We’ve spent years perfecting our menus and that includes making sure that everyone invited to your party or event can eat our food, and for this particular function, Jared needed a gluten-free option and a vegetarian option. We’ve catered gluten-intolerant guests at some of his previous events, where they could enjoy pigs in buns just like most of the guests, just with special bread rolls instead, and that’s exactly what he wanted again this time. In terms of vegetarian options, we have many possibilities, like stuffed vegetables, veggie skewers or quiche, but for this event, Jared asked us to cook our all-American mac and cheese, as well as prepare some side salads that everyone could enjoy on the day.

Hog Roast Plymouth catered Jared’s work party on Friday evening, where our chef and catering assistants cooked a feast of epic proportions to satisfy the seventy guests who were all eager to dig in. Many had enjoyed our food before, so they couldn’t wait for the mouthwatering hog roast rolls, and once the meat had rested after cooking for hours on end, we could finally carve away and fill fresh bread rolls and wraps with pork, crackling, our homemade apple sauce and stuffing. Once done, we could serve them along with our tasty mac and cheese, a huge tomato and mozzarella salad and our homemade coleslaw, and so many of the guests queued up for seconds or more.