Never Fear – Hog Roast West Burton – Still Open For Business

We are all enjoying the sunshine at the moment and it couldn’t be a better time for a household BBQ! Cooking your sausages and burgers to perfection couldn’t be easier with the help of our specialist Hog Roast West Burton BBQ attachment for your fabulous hog roasting machine.

HogMasterGlass BBQ & FoodOne of our regular customers Greg, visits the factory regularly for his hog roasting equipment and annual servicing but this year he was very excited to order his first BBQ attachment from us. The attachment is very easy to pop onto your machine to turn into an amazing gas BBQ, easy to clean and creates the BBQ flavours we all know and love! Greg wanted to use his BBQ attachment with his family during isolation. A great opportunity to practice with and cook up a treat for his wife and children! Luckily for Greg our Hog Roast West Burton team could delivery his order at our usual delivery rate and before he knew it he was firing up a BBQ in the sunshine! Plenty of burgers, sausages, corn on the cob and skewers all cooking away for the family. Greg has said it’s definitely going to be keeping him busy as the kids now want a BBQ all the time but Greg is enjoying his time still being able to cook and have quality time with the family! You never forget how good a BBQ tastes, especially relaxing in the sunshine at the same time.

The last few weeks have been glorious weather and we hope there’s much more sunshine still to come so don’t forget about our factory team still working hard to provide you with your essential equipment! Give us a call and we will be on hand to help with all your needs, whether that be booking in your annual service, gas parts, new machines or even that ever so popular Hog Roast West Burton famous BBQ attachment! After all preparation is key to make sure you are ready and raring to go for the remainder of 2020!