Hog Roast Enfield: Our Machines Are Flying Off The Shelves

If you’re a massive fan of hog roasts and let’s face it, who isn’t? Then purchasing your very own HogMaster, Titan or Platinum device probably sounds like a dream come true. Seriously, can you imagine having access to a spit roast whenever you want?

Hog Roast EnfieldBut where do you even begin your search? How do you know which machine is right for your needs? And then on top of all that, there’s the added concern of how to actually use the equipment in the first place! Already you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed, but just take a deep breath, relax and call in the big guns – that’s us by the way!

As you probably expected, the Hog Roast Enfield team knows all there is to know about the art of roasting a pig – and any other meat for that matter. But what you might not have realised is that for the past 25 (yes, 25!) years, we have been paving the way for hog and spit roast machinery in the whole of Europe. Our innovative pieces of equipment are manufactured right here, in our very own UK-based factory. But what sets us apart from any other service, is that we have worked hard to ensure that our machines are accessible for everyone.

Not only does this mean our equipment is affordable, but all Hog Roast Enfield machines are versatile, easy to manoeuvre, and our team will even train you how to use them! If that wasn’t enough to convince you, we also have a huge selection of add-ons and accessories which can be used to completely customise the machine of your choice.

Lately, we’ve sold several of our most popular devices, including one of our HogMaster Pro’s which is now taking pride of place in John and Lisa’s back garden. The couple had gotten in touch with us a few weeks back to discuss their options, and with some guidance from our Hog Roast Enfield catering manager, they were able to find the perfect machine for their requirements very quickly.

It has now been a week since the machine was delivered, and already we’ve heard back from the happy customers who have been making the most of their new toy by serving lots of spit roasts to their family!