Hog Roast Wellingborough – Training Days

You may know Hog Roast Wellingborough as professional and friendly caterers specialising in slow roasted meats. Well, in addition to this we also run a successful catering machines business. This is as all of the machines that our catering teams use on a daily basis are actually designed and manufactured by our team of engineers from our factory in Lancashire. Due to this, we are truly the UK’s experts in the world of hog roast catering and are able to advise our customers on every aspect of preparing the perfect hog roast.

Head Office - teamFor those of our clients who decide to go on and purchase one of our fantastic Hog Roast Wellingborough machines, the care and attention of our skilled team doesn’t end when you place your order. Every one of our clients is invited along to one of our training days hosted at our Hog Roast Wellingborough HQ in the heart of Lancashire by our founder Stephen. At these events, spanning the course of two days, you can expect to learn everything there is to know about hog roasting and running a successful catering company. Stephen will take you through how to use your machine efficiently and how to care for the machine after events as well as setting up for events. This is followed by extensive demonstrations in how to prepare a pig for roasting in order to get the best results and preparing any accompaniments.

You will also get the opportunity to set up and serve your own slow roasted food to customers, which will give you the ideal insight into how running a hog roasting business works. Finally, you will have the opportunity to have any questions answered about catering or business itself leaving you fully equipped to go out and start preparing hog roasts of your own on your very own catering machine!