Hog Roast Salfords Says Hello To The Future Of Hog Roasting With The Gourmet Delivery Service!

Right now, it feels like the rules of lockdown are continually changing, but at Hog Roast Salfords, we haven’t lost any of our momenta! In fact, we hope all of you will be glad to know that our team are as passionate as ever when it comes to the glorious spit roasted pigs that you all know and love us for, which is why we have put our heads together in an attempt to come up with some new and exciting ways of reaching our customers. Oh boy, do we have a treat in store for you!

Hog Roast SalfordsIf you’re new to Hog Roast Salfords then you might only be aware of our fully catered for packages, but our service includes so much more than that! Some of you might have already heard about our rental option which allows our clients to hire a HogMaster for an event, cook up a tasty feast for themselves and then return the borrowed equipment the following day. Then there’s our purchase option which allows you to buy and keep one of our revolutionary machines for good. Now, though, we’re very excited to unveil our latest addition: the Gourmet Delivery service!

Hog Roast Salfords has been working extremely hard behind the scenes recently to kickstart this most recent project, which works sort of like a hog roast takeaway, in that all of the food is freshly prepared by our team of professionals before being hand-delivered in its ready-to-eat state straight to your doorstep. This new addition is unlike any other service we currently have on offer, and we have had so much fun trialling it over the past couple of weeks!

Already the Gourmet Delivery service has proven to be a popular choice among our customers and clients who have been embracing the opportunity to enjoy any one of our mouth-watering hog roast feasts in the safety of their own homes. In addition to being COVID-compliant and extremely convenient for you and your family, you can also rest assured that we haven’t compromised on the quality, which means the food is still out of this world!