Hog Roast Sabden – How to Pick the Perfect Hog Roast Machine Right for You

Since 2005 we here at Hog Roast Sabden have believed in controlling every part of our business. Our illustrious founder and owner Stephen Marsden quickly realised when starting his own hog catering business that he could do it better than anyone else if he just took the effort to modify and craft his own hog roast machines for himself, rather than hiring from other sources.

hog roast Sabden Well Hog Roast Sabden has not looked back ever since and now leads the industry in hog roasting technology and manufacturing. With an array of different premium hog and spit roast machines at our whim now, we have so many ways to help you dine in perfect hog roast style. From our Titan models to our Platinum and Hog Master models there are a few things to consider when looking to hire or even buy up one of our machines, but fortunately we have all the expertise to help you out and even let you try before you buy!

The Titan is our ol’ reliable – no matter what it gets the job done and is our clear bestseller. This thing is a tank with its durable stainless steel and hefty structure – perfect for use on the road as you can guarantee it will take any number of bangs and scrapes and still churn out perfect results. A good one for outdoor festivals and van catering.

Our Platinum machine is all about versatility, and really showing off the food you are cooking. With many different attachments the Platinum machine can cook many different types of food all at once.

Then there is our Hog Master and Hog Master Pro – the simple yet effective option. The Pro is perfect for smaller scale or kitchen use while still allowing for huge amounts of food to be perfectly cooked. The Hog Master range is of course well adept for pork roasts as the name suggests, but like all our machines it is perfectly versatile to all varieties of meaty and veggie foods.

If you’re in the market, Hog Roast Sabden is selling and will do all we can to find the machine perfect for you.