High Quality Training For Our Hog Roast Lowestoft Teams

After almost a year of being out of work because of the pandemic, Hog Roast Lowestoft can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel so have planned refresher training for all their staff members. 

Hog Roast Lowestoft has a wide selection of menus and choices, so the past week has focused on whole pig roasts, side salads and potato options. 

The training was set up as an actual event so staff can be reminded of how everything should be laid out. For example, the hog machine should be at the back or side to avoid any hot surface being easy to reach. The tables should then fill in the other sides of the gazebo. The prep table with a kit box filled with all essential equipment such as carving knives, washing hands facility, any cleaning or health and safety products such as a fire hydrant, chopping boards and any other equipment like a fryer. The serving tables were laid with the plates, breadbasket, chafer dishes, salad bowls and a serving tray with sauce bowls for the condiments. Anything else that has been brought for the event should be placed discreetly under the tables and hidden by the long tablecloths. The setup is nice therefore nice and neat, it is also relatively quick to sort on an event as well! 

Two other gazebos were set up, one cooking a hog roasted whole pig and the other a spit-roasted whole pig so that the staff were reminded of the two ways they would be cooking and serving the meat. Under the hog roast gazebo, the staff members were making the freshly prepared salads, seasonal mixed leaf, tomato and mozzarella, coleslaw, and classic Caesar. All of which proved to be a delicious and full of colour! Under the spit-roasted tent was a six-burner oven and here the staff made all the potato options that Hog Roast Lowestoft has to offer; herbed buttered new potatoes, roasted new potatoes, Dauphinoise potatoes, roast potatoes, and a mixture of normal and sweet potato chips (although the chips were cooked in the fryer!). 

Everything went smoothly and everyone is looking forward to getting back out there and providing exceptional service, high-standards, and fantastic flavoured food! Not long now!