Hog Roast Northumberland New Hogmaster

Great to see Hog Roast Northumberland using their new Hogmaster hog roast machine for the first time and thank you very much for sharing your pictures with us. The Hogmaster machine in this instance has been used to cook joints of pork, they really are are brilliant multi-purpose machine! The Northumberland team also received fantastic feedback from their guests for the quality and taste of the meat. It’s exciting for us to see a new business start its venture with Spitting Pig Machines, and I have the up most confidence that the Hogmaster will be aiding greatly during the success of the business.

Taste Of Northumberland Cooking

Northumberland Team Cooking

The Hogmaster is our most popular design, with the glass panel it provides a great experience for the audience, as our Hog Roast Northumberland team are demonstrating in this great photo.

Team Taste of Northumberland

Team Taste of Northumberland

The design behind the Hogmaster is effortless and something that absolutely anyone can try, especially when paired with our excellent training days that are held at our Head Office in Burnley. We aim to provide not only the equipment but the support alongside this! Our aim is for not only catering experts to succeed in creating the perfect pig but for us to actually give anyone the chance to learn the background behind hog roast and therefore takeaway the skills and the equipment to do so.

Further details and pictures are available regarding our Hogmaster machine – please do have a look at the link for any extra information. https://www.spittingpig.co.uk/hogmaster-glass/