Hog Roast Halifax Helping You Choose Your Own Machine

If you’re thinking about buying your very own hog roast machine, talk to our Hog Roast Halifax experts and we can help you to navigate the process from start to finish. Having been in this business for many years, we have the experience, expertise and know-how in order to exceed your expectations, and you can either speak to us in person at our Lancashire showroom if you make an appointment in advance or you can call us instead.

HogMasterGlassSpit Pig small - 08.10.21Once we know your needs in particular, we can advise you of the best equipment to suit you, and as we have several models in our own range of stainless steel machines, one of them will certainly be the right one for your requirements. Whether you’re after a brand new machine or a used one, you can view our stock and we can tell you all about their capabilities, such as the fact that all of our models come with special attachments so that you can spit-roast or barbecue food as well as make stunning hog roast centrepieces, and you can cook inside like you would a normal oven too.

From a smaller machine for a smaller business to a beast of a machine like our Platinum, which can cook two hogs at the same time as four pork legs and two hundred jacket potatoes, which is perfect for a larger event, Hog Roast Halifax can provide you with exactly what you need to kick start your hog roast business, whether you’re new to catering or just new to cooking hog roasts. If you see the need to get a bigger or better machine in the future, you can even trade up, and we offer financing options if needed.

If you’d like to try before you buy first, you can hire one of our machines and when one of our chefs drops it off at your venue, they’ll talk you through how to use it first and then collect it afterwards too. Either way, book your appointment today or call Hog Roast Halifax  to see how we can help you get started with your own equipment.