Hog Roast Great Totham – Both New And Used Hog Roast Machines Available

Hog Roast Great Totham is renowned for the hog and spit roast catering that we provide far and wide, but did you also know that we build our own range of hog roast machines? We designed them ourselves to be lightweight, easy to use, and easily manoeuvred and they’re even ultra versatile, as you can use them to cook just about anything that you can think of if you need, and not just the scrumptious hog and spit roasts you might be dreaming about. From barbecued and marinated meat to seasonal vegetables and piles of jacket spuds and other kinds of potatoes, and even a pizza or two if you fancy, our hog roast machines are multi-talented and highly adaptable, and you can sit back and relax while it does all the work for you.

Titan Combi 1695While here at Hog Roast Great Totham, we rent out our own range of hog roasters, we also sell them too, and we have a factory and showroom in the northwest of England. We build our machines by hand from scratch in our factory, and we display them together with other brands in our showroom, so regardless of your needs, our professionals can walk you through the advantages of each so that you can choose the one (or multiple ones) most suited to you – even if that ends up being a different brand. We do champion our own, after all they’re the ones we use ourselves when creating culinary masterpieces when catering for various parties and events, but if another brand is better for your needs, we’ll always let you know.

We welcome walk-ins at our factory and showroom so you don’t need to book a visit via Hog Roast Great Totham, and you can watch one of our machines being made and chat to our experts while shopping for your own equipment. Johnny recently did just that, as he was on the lookout for a new, bigger machine to replace his smaller one that he bought from us last year. Our customers can trade in their old machine for a new one, just like Johnny did – another clear advantage of buying one of our own.