Hog Roast Brimstage Helping You To Choose The Perfect Hog Roaster

Buying your very own hog roast machine can be a daunting process but thankfully it’s not when you purchase from Hog Roast Brimstage. We make it easy for you in every way, whether it’s helping you to choose one of our models depending on your needs, teaching you exactly how to cook with one and how to get the best out of it or even showing you how we build ours from scratch in our Lancashire factory. We make our stainless steel wonders by hand and we designed them to not only be lightweight, easy to move and to run on gas so there’s no need to have to be near mains electric but they’re also incredibly versatile, so you can cook so much more with them than sumptuous hog roasts.

Platinum Double Hog RoastingWe can assist you in person in our showroom if preferred, after your tour of our factory, and speaking to our Hog Roast Brimstage experts will give you more than an idea of which of our trusty models to choose from. We have smaller machines, which are often used for smaller gatherings and parties at home in back yards and gardens, all the way up to a great beast of a machine (our Platinum) that can cook two pigs at once, as well as four legs of pork and at least a couple of hundred jacket potatoes.

You may be surprised that our machines can also cook the latter but you can cook anything inside that you would with a normal oven, which can often come in handy. You could make an entire meal in one go if needed, with your meat sizzling away on top while your choice of vegetables and potatoes cook to perfection inside at the same time. And it doesn’t have to always be hog roast centrepieces that you make with our equipment either, as we have attachments so you can spit-roast or barbecue instead.

Whatever reason you’re thinking of having your own hog roaster, Hog Roast Brimstage¬†can guide you toward your first purchase as well as with future ones too, so contact us today or pop by to our Lancashire showroom and factory.