Grab The Best Barbecue Of The Summer With A Hog Roast Machine

With summer finally here it is officially barbecuing season! The sun is out and the temperatures are rising, so everyone’s first thought is undoubtedly to rush out to the shops, grab the last disposable barbecue left, and sweep the shelves for the few remaining burgers, sausages, kebabs or what have you after everyone else has already just about grabbed the lot.

Instead of being caught in the rush, or potentially being left behind with no barbecue or foods to show for your efforts, why not settle yourself down with the best barbecue in the business instead, courtesy of the brilliant Hog Roast Machines!

Hog Roast MachineYes, that’s right, we said Hog Roast Machines for your barbecue needs. That is because at Spitting Pig, our Hog Roast Machines double as one of the best barbecues on the market; our Hog Master and Platinum machines come with switchable attachments that allow them to be converted into a barbecue and grill at any time – while potentially still working as a hog roaster simultaneously too! Not only do we use these machines in our day to day catering work with events, but we also lend them out for hire and purchase too, meaning you can bag yourself this state-of-the-art barbecue yourself for this summer season!

You won’t need to fight your way for a disposable barbecue again when equipped with one of these excellent units. They are fully mobile, meaning you can set up just about anywhere and get to barbecuing. Show off at your friend’s house by bringing along your very own Hog Roast Machine, or get set up by the beach or the park and get to grilling an abundance of burgers, sausages, ribs, veg skewers, kebabs, you name it, because the Hog Roast Machine is sizeable enough to manage a vast quantity of foods at once without sacrificing any quality! You won’t need to fight over the last bits of heat or space like you do with a disposable barbecue, instead, just grill away for as long as you like, as easy as you like. It can be easy and leisurely, which is what summer and barbecuing should be all about!

So, come grab the best barbecue in the biz with a Hog Roast Machine today!