Expanding your business – Hog Roast Richmond

How can you expand your business, especially during this pandemic? Why not add a hog roast to your menu? Whether you’re a takeaway service, pub, butcher or even hotel, whatever your business, who doesn’t love a hog roast?! 

Spitting Pig has many different machines; the Hog Master, Hog Master Glass, the Titan, the Pro, the platinum. Have a browse on their website to see whether any would serve your business well or better yet, come and take a look at the showroom in Lancashire where you will be met with a friendly team who can provide advice and information on what you’re looking for. 

Perhaps you don’t want to commit to buying a machine or you only think a hog roast will be seasonal or for specific events, then why not look into hiring our machines? We have different hiring packages but the main package includes a machine, most likely a hog master or hog master glass machine and a gas bottle. You can either go on YouTube for tutorials on how to work the machine or pay attention to the catering manager’s demonstration when they drop the machine off. 

Recently, the catering manager had a contract with a hotel where for wedding receptions, a cooked pig would be dropped off in the tray, ensuring that the temperature maintained 75 degrees or above. It was served immediately after drop off by the hotel chefs. Hires do work particularly well for hotel businesses since most hotels usually have expert chefs to carve the pig. Over the years many hotels have requested the hire package of a machine, gas bottle and raw pig and have added traditional hog roast onto their wedding packages, working closely with us. 

Similarly, it has worked wonders for pubs as a once the month special and especially during these hard times, for butchers wanting an additional income. 

Have a think, have a research and please contact us for more information.