Buying A Machine – The Spitting Pig

After months of careful consideration, I finally made the leap and contacted The Spitting Pig about their roasting machines. I had been running a large party company for some years and had several queries on food options. After catering with small buffets and home-made cakes for years, I decided I needed something more sufficient to make large amounts of food, especially for my events with more than 30 people.

I spoke to a lady from the spitting pig company for around twenty minutes on the phone and I was invited to a training day. I had never heard of this before and I was pleasantly surprised. On the weekend at the end of January I attended a training day where I was taught how to use these fabulous machines. I found out that they were compact and easy to travel, which was perfect for me as I always moved my equipment in a small van. I also found out that I could cook all different types of meat and even vegetables with the Hog roasting machine. I knew this would be great for me as I am always asked for vegetarian options too.

After careful consideration and a full day of training, I decided to purchase a spitting pig roasting machine. I was delighted with the low price but amazing quality. Soon enough, my business was blooming more than ever and every penny spent on the machine and meat was worth it. It became my favourite companion.

I would recommend a Spitting pig roasting machine to anyone with their own events business or even someone who likes to throw a good party. They clean easily, compact into small spaces and create the juiciest, most gorgeous meat I have ever tasted. I cannot thank spitting pig enough for all of their help when choosing what was right for me and my business. The training day along with their friendly staff really sold the machine to me before I even tried it for myself.