Hog Roast Machine Testimonials

Jon Plater – Chichester Hog Squad

I’ve used machines manufactured by The Spitting Pig Co for manyHogSquad1 years now – and all of my experiences have been positive. The truth is that they are the only machines made for hog roasting chefs – by hog roasting chefs. This means they cook the perfect pig, look great, are absolutely solid and are genuinely built to last. Because they stock all of their machines, I was able to order on a Thursday and it arrived the following day. I then used it on site on the Saturday. Genuinely really pleased and I imagine its only a matter of time before I buy another new one!

Kelvin Charles, Whirlow Hall FarmWhirlow Hall Farm1

Thanks for everything – the service has been excellent, delivery was quick and the machine works brilliantly. It did take us about an hour to get at the plastic covering off, though!

Johnny Mechenici, Food and Beverage Manager

Hog MasterHi Sarah. Thank you for your email.

The machine we purchased form you is great. We have used it for the first time on Saturday and I think is a great piece of kit.

Steven was very helpful during the purchasing process giving us all the information we needed at the time and answering all our questions.

Helen Smithson, Restaurant Manager

Wow! What can I say… Its been a real hit since day one in loads of different ways. To look at, the machine has been the source of avid interest, from the kids right through to the adults, everyone wants to have a look and see it in action. Initially we rented the hog roast machine out on occasions as in this area it paid for itself in a matter of weeks. Having heard fantastic reports from how the machine fared at outdoor events, Platinum in useit was not expected that the machine would be even more formidable in our kitchen. Now, the machine adopts a raised position in the kitchen where it is visible to the people dining in the restaurant. Its sheer versatility has blown us away. It can cook anything, simple as that. Allowing for various meats to be cooked in a variety of styles, our Italian, Greek and Indian themed events have all been massively affected by this member of our kitchen appliance family. Our restaurants best investment to date, apart from my appointment of course!

John at Herts Hog Father

Hog FatherHi Steven,

I have received the machine and thank you.

Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year.

P.S. I now own six spitting pig machines so you must be doing something right. I have to say that whenever I call for parts or support, I am always dealt with in a professional. efficient and courteous manner. Your staff are always willing to help beyond the call of duty. This is a great reflection on your business and is much appreciated.

Trevor William Morris, Philanthropist

Fantastic value. I bought my machine, a Titan Combi, about 7 months ago. Since then, it has revolutionised how we cook. As I rent my machine out on weekends to caterers and home users alike, I have been completely overwhelmed by the sheer durability of the unit. As it is completely stainless steel and designed with durability in mind, I have never even had to think about making use of the comprehensive warranty, it really is as indestructible as it looks – they should’ve called it the Chieftain! Simply amazed by the quality of the meat that the machine graciously bequeaths to us from its seemingly cavernous underbelly, everyone keeps coming back for more. It keeps on going, it looks great and as a man who appreciates solid engineering, it couldn’t be more to my taste.

Nabarro De Souza, Catering Director

As a Brazilian national I absolutely love meat! Having a catering business of my own, I was eager to find a catering solution that allowed me to serve, both statically and on the move, the kind of meat that I could be proud of. This machine exceeds my expectations on a regular basis. Able to cook a pig that can feed 300 people, as well as barbecue enough for hundreds more, it is the master of its class. I opted for the Titan machine, due to its massive underbelly and total endurance. Whilst being able to cook all the meat to a beautiful and supple tenderness, the machine makes light work of roasting a whole variety of vegetables. As a tool of the catering trade, this has to be the premier part of my culinary arsenal.

Thomas Hansson, Mobile Caterer

The biggest concern I had with the purchase of this machine was the usability; both in terms of its cooking potential and its maneuverability. Having bought a machine from a different manufacturer the year before, I was all too aware as to how good these things look compared to the nightmare reality. However, I need not have worried. After following the simple instructions, as well as being well informed from the supportive staff at The Spitting Pig Company, I was confident at the most formal of dinner parties. The sheer ease of use, coupled with its various roles, made my job a delight, as events benefited from a food quality that only slow, spit-roasting can give. Commercially it has been incredible, for caterers it’s a must have.

Quentin Laudrup, Restaurateur

A great piece of kit in every sense of the word. Had the Titan in the back of a wood filled van and it worked perfectly fine afterwards. We have them in our restaurants and we’ve been involved in outdoor functions and regattas where they have performed admirably. Even had one on the back of a boat! Almost renders a large part of a kitchen useless and the fact that its mobile and solid makes it potentially indispensable as regards our current catering operations. the best thing about this machine is the people that made it. True British based enthusiasts that only know how to manufacture quality. They never break down and whenever we have minor technical issues the boys back at the Spitting Pig are a pleasure to deal with. We all know catering’s a tough business, but when you have a product and a team behind it that you can rely on, you treasure them and wish them well in the future