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Looking for a hog roast machine for hire or sale? Your search stops here at The spitting pig – the leaders in hog roast machines! If you want your special event to be remembered then there is nothing better than hog roast hire. Impress your guests with a succulent hog slowly being turned on a centerpiece hogroast spit and tangibles their taste buds with juicy cooked meats.

The Best Range Of Hog Roast Machines

hog master machine
titan hog roast machine
Platinum Hog Roast Machine
hog master machine
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Suitable For All Occasions

For the perfect Hog roast barbeque event the hog roast machine we offer includes four main types of hog roast machine ranges including Apollo – the budget range, Thor – the Teflon coated range, Dues the dual steel range and finally Titan, the stainless steel range. Whichever you choose for hire, you will not be disappointed. The spitting pigs’ knowledge of cooking meats is unrivalled and this is reflected in the design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities of hog roast machines for sale that we supply. It would also be good to note that all of our hog roast hire machines comply fully with all of the latest food regulations.With the spitting pig you can rest assured that you have made the right decision for when choosing your hog roast machine . From our customer service, to our costings, service and simply the experience that we’ve had in the business, We are your first choice for hog roast hire. Get in touch today or browse throughout full ranges on the website.

We realize that buying a hog roast machine is a big investment to many. We want to walk you through exactly what you will need, answer any questions, and give you as much knowledge as possible about every machine. Our goal is to make sure that you have a machine that meets your needs, and that you feel good about your decision. Your hog roasting machine will give you enjoyment for years to come. It really is a wise investment. People save very large amounts of money choosing a pig roast over preparing traditional dinners. It also saves you quite a bit of stress during your lifetime from slaving over the stove. We have years of experience in the hog roasting business. The hog roast machine for sale is very important. We promise you nothing but CE approved hog roasting machines. Our machines are hand built using the finest material and latest technology. You will feel confident when you own one of our many roasting machines. You will get a quality guarantee as well as professional and prompt maintenance service.

If you have been looking for a way to surprise the cook in your family, why not consider obtaining a hog roast machine for them? These machines can either be hired directly through us, or purchased if you deem necessary. Most people however, are curious to see how well our machines operate, they will hire a machine first and if they are pleased with the machines performance, they will later render payment for the machine. There are many different things that make a hog roast machine a great investment. Typically, these machines are used to cater large events, however you can choose to use your hog roasting machine whenever you deem necessary to do so. The machines allow you the opportunity to be able to cook large portions of food without having to slave in front of a stove or grill all day.

Hog roast machines are extremely versatile, just because their name starts with the word hog, this does not limit the different foods that you can enjoy cooking on the machine. These hog roast machines have the ability to perfectly roast pigs, chickens, turkeys, deer and literally any medium sized animal that you desire. Aside from the main task of animal roasting, this machine also has the ability to roast vegetables as well. When you choose to hire or buy one of our hog roasting machines, you will be equipped with all of the necessary equipment that you will need in order to cook an entire meal. The exterior of the hog roast machine consists of stainless steel, which allows the internal heat to remain locked inside of the machine to allow the machine to perfectly roast all of your desired meal choices to utmost perfection.

Hog roast machines are by far, not a new invention. There are actually a lot of speculations that after fire was first created by cavemen; they actually made the first hog roasters. Of course, their roasters were a simple stick that they placed over their fire and had to turn by hand in order to allow the food to cook thoroughly. However, this innovative design paved the way for the hog roast machines of present day. Our machines will engage in turning your meat around in a full circular turn to ensure that your meat cooks to perfection on all sides. Hog roast machines are a combination of your normal standard grills and a rotisserie. Perhaps, one of the most attractive features about the hog roast machines is that the machines do not require much interaction from the person that is opting to use it. All that an operator has to do is skewer their desired meat that they are opting to cook, set the temperature on the machine and engage on checking on their cooking animal carcass sporadically.

Time is a vital component when it comes to using one of these machines, so setting a timer that will ring when the roast is complete will make cooking your hog roast a lot less stressful. Normally, a hog that dresses out around 100 pounds will require at least 6-8 hours to be cooked to perfection.