Winter 70th Hog Roast in Effingham.

Last week we catered for Richard Hughes and 50 of his guests and family for his 70th birthday. It was a fantastic day and not too cold either. We arrived at his welcoming country home set in Effingham and were greeted immediately by Richard and his wife Lesley, both were a real delight. We quickly got to work setting up our gazebo and serving tables before bringing the beautifully cooked hog roast Effingham. Richard and a few family members came straight over to take a peak at the hog. They couldn’t wait to get stuck in. We were serving our popular Traditional Menu 1 choice and so to accompany the hog roast we served, sage and onion stuffing, homemade apple sauce with a few extra sauces and a great selection of different breads and wraps. Not forgetting of course, the perfect crispy crackling. Once we had laid everything out and the guests started to arrive it became apparent that everyone wanted to get stuck into the hog roast menu. We served everyone quickly and many came back for more and said it was the best hog roast they had ever tasted. A huge success and another great event by Spitting Pig